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Nicole Lane,

Vice President

Nicole earned her BSN, in 1999, from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Currently working as a nurse, in the Wake County Public School System.  Nicole works closely with teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, and psychologists to develop educational opportunities and implement policies. Her focus is to connect families with resources to help children reach their full potential – ensuring that under and uninsured students have access to much-needed medications and support. Nicole also serves on the board of Myra’s Angels Foundation where children, who are displaced from their homes, are provided with basic living supplies during their most critical time of need.

Nicole discovered a new passion – one for patient education and safety. In acknowledgment of her efforts in this area, she was awarded the WakeMed Circle of Quality Award for her promotion of a culture of safety and support of process improvement initiatives in 2004. Ultimately, Nicole’s desire to educate prompted her to leave the clinical setting. Pursuing a career in public health as a school nurse has allowed her to educate children, families, and staff every day.   

Kimberly hails from Statesboro, Georgia, a small town west of Savannah.  She attended Georgia Southern University where she earned my BS in Recreational Therapy in 2005.  After moving to North Carolina, Kimberly went back to school to obtain a nursing degree from Wake Technical Community College.  After graduating from Wake Tech in 2011, Kimberly spent the next 6+ years working at a private pediatric practice.  In March 2018, she took a position with Wake County as a School-Based Public Health Nurse, where she has been since.  Kimberly became a Nationally Certified School Nurse in August 2019!  She LOVES the schools that she covers and all of the students and staff that she works with!  In her "free time," Kimberly enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 young children, running, doing Pilates, spending time at the lake, and pretty much anything dance or music related.  She also spends a lot of her "free time" serving on the board of Myra's Angels Foundation, a local nonprofit that supports homeless and foster youth in Wake and surrounding counties.  

Kimberly Baley,


Alexa Espejo-Ruiz,

Community Engagement Coordinator

 Alexa is a public health nurse/school nurse for Wake County Human Services since June 2016.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing degree from Bloomfield College, and has been a registered nurse since 1997. Her experience is in medical/surgical, critical care, pediatric, and school nursing.  In 2009, Alexa started her public-school nursing career in Newark, NJ. She worked closely with school support services staff and CPS in getting students’ health needs met for 6 years. Then, she and her husband relocated to North Carolina in 2015 with their 3 daughters. Alexa enjoys being a mother as well as a public health nurse who works with children. Alexa decided to join Myra’s Angels to help them provide the support they need to give a “bag full of love” to foster and homeless children.


Amy is a hospital executive with more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, change management, and operations. Amy joined the Johns Hopkins Health System, in 2016, as a Chief Administrative Officer. She is a member of the Strategic Planning Executive Council and responsible for the financial, operational, and clinical integration of medical, surgical, and radiation oncology services across all Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center sites.

Amy began her career at Massachusetts Hospital, in Boston, where she received extensive training in continuous quality improvement techniques. This unique experience laid the foundation for her lean, quality-focused, approach and dedication to reducing health care costs while improving the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases. She, currently, serves on the NCCN Board of Directors where she collaborates with, equally, dedicated administrators on improving the quality of life for patients by identifying and implementing cost-effective, outcome-driven best practice.

Amy Porter-Tacoronte 

Business Advisor

Kelly Spencer was born and raised in The Bronx. She has two teenage daughters. Kelly has always had a heart for displaced children.  This led her to become a foster mother to therapeutic teenage girls well before her own daughters reached this benchmark. Kelly was a foster parent for three years before she decided to leave NY to pursue her lifelong goal of becoming an attorney. Kelly graduated from Vermont Law School and now resides in the DMV area. Kelly is a government contractor for the Department of Justice, in the Disability Rights Section.

Kelly Spencer, 

Legal Adviser

Dr. Rose Lorenzo, author, speaker, and entrepreneur has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. Dr. Rose has a Bachelor's, MBA, and Doctoral degree from the University of Phoenix. The author of "Get it Done: The Journey to Entrepreneurship from Idea" to Open and Founder of i2O Academy coaches entrepreneurs on how to start, grow and sustain their businesses. Dr. Rose is passionate about helping business owners learn to start, grow, and sustain their businesses.

Dr. Rose Lorenzo, MBA

Business Development

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